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The Probation Service as partner of the project!

The Probation Service is thrilled to be a partner in the ERASMUS+ CoPPer project , which is seeking to increase community participation in the criminal justice system through the development of the participation, contribution and management of volunteers in rehabilitation and reintegration initiatives. The project aims to train volunteers in the community to provide informal support, advice and guidance to probationers. They can act as a stepping-stone for the probationers’ social reintegration by motivating them for behaviour change, helping them enhance their competences, access to adult education opportunities, look for a job, or just representing a pro-social model.


The Probation Service is jointly leading on Work Package 4 for the CoPPer Project.


 Throughout January and February 2024, in consultation with Portuguese colleagues Aproximar, the Probation Service will be disseminating a questionnaire across 61 of its Community Based Organisation partners. 


The questionnaire is aimed at gathering information related to volunteer training in justice associated organisations. This questionnaire has been developed with partner countries and will be disseminated across each of the five countries. 


It is hoped this broad geographical application coupled with the questionnaires in-depth focus, will help gain an accurate picture of current practices across Europe. The collation of responses will help inform the development of the training package.


To support this step in the process, the Probation Service are linking with Community Based Organisations to encourage completion of the questionnaire. 


Contact the CoPPer project team at if you would like to have your say in the CoPPer questionnaire or would like to know more about the CoPPer project in Ireland. 

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