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CoPPer Project Showcased at 10th CEP Directors General Conference

During the 10th CEP Directors General Conference on November 7-6 in Kiel, Germany, Partners Rita Lourenço from Approximar and Gerry McNally from The Probation Service Ireland seized the opportunity to present the CoPPer project to a diverse audience consisting of 23 jurisdictions and 62 participants. This occasion provided a platform to underscore the vital role that volunteers can play in the realm of probation, paving the way for a significant shift in the approach to offender rehabilitation.

The presentation navigated through the intricate landscape of international frameworks and guidelines, offering a comprehensive overview of the CoPPer project and introducing the partners involved. Emphasis was placed on the project's current state, with UCC having successfully completed their peer review, the outcomes of which were presented with clarity and insight. The audience was guided through the details of the project's progress and the next steps in its evolution.

Sharing this important information connected with the audience. The role of volunteers in probation gained attention in Europe. The broader importance of presenting the CoPPer project at such an event lies in its ability to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among diverse jurisdictions.

Furthermore, this presentation served as a catalyst for creating awareness about the positive impact of volunteer involvement in probation. By shining a spotlight on the CoPPer project, the partners have contributed to a growing dialogue that recognizes the value of community engagement in fostering rehabilitation and reducing recidivism rates.

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