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Developing a shared vision for a European approach to volunteering in Probation as a reminder of the historical origins of Probation Services

The CoPPer initiative has allowed project partners to consult on a shared vision for a European training approach to volunteering in Probation. The vision has evolved from the findings of the CoPPer evidence review and extensive consultation amongst CoPPer partners as well as the valuable input by experts and peer reviewers from a range of sectors including national Probation Services, community based organisations and academic researchers.

The CoPPer developed European training programme for volunteering in probation focuses on complementing the supporting and reintegrative role of Probation, leaving the role of risk management to professional probation officers. The emphasis of volunteering in the CoPPer project is also placed on reintegration as a process which involves communities rather than only individuals and the probation service. The hope is that strengthened involvement of volunteers in probation can emphasize the community building aspect sometimes missing in rehabilitation and reintegration supports and services. Reintegration as a two-way street where the community supports and welcomes the formerly justice involved person back into their fold, is increasingly acknowledged as a progressive approach to reintegration and is underpinning the ethos of the CoPPer initiative.



CoPPer partners consulting on a shared vision for training volunteers in European probation

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