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Let’s review

CoPPer aims to develop a European-wide volunteering in Probation Program that can be customized and utilized by partnering organizations. Before we start developing a training program, the University of Cork conducted research. The draft version just appeared and all outlines related to volunteering in Probation came to light.

Bureau Buitenland has shared this version with their reviewers, who have experience working with volunteers or have been involved in related studies within the probation service field.

We are eagerly anticipating their feedback on some of the recommendations mentioned in the draft. Specifically, we are interested in their thoughts on the following:

1. Clarity on roles, responsibilities, and boundaries: Can volunteers oversee the boundaries and responsibilities they have? The balancing act between accountability on the one hand and support on the other.

2. Training requirements: We need to consider both hard and soft skills. Can volunteers receive adequate training in soft skills, such as enhancing social and emotional coping skills, while working in a different field?

On the 12th of June, we will thoroughly evaluate all the information obtained, both individually and through group sessions. We are excited to see the outcome of this assessment.

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