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The Future of European Volunteering in Probation

For a more harmonized European approach to volunteering in probation, it's imperative that we underscore and articulate our core values. With insights from various stakeholder discussions, these values can be finely tuned to cater to the unique needs of each European country.

These well-defined values serve a dual purpose:

  • They enlighten the broader public about the essence and objectives of volunteer involvement.

  • They provide a beacon for volunteers, guiding them to better resonate with the larger goals of the organizations and initiatives they dedicate their time to.

Guidance from pivotal documents such as the European Probation Rules (2010) and the European Charter on Volunteering (2012) present us with a promising foundation. Furthermore, emphasizing the principles of rehabilitation, reintegration, and championing the notion of granting individuals with past convictions a fresh start can serve as the cornerstone for a unified European training program.

Together, we can pave the way forward, rooted in values and driven by purpose!

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