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CoPPer- Evidence Review on Probation in Europe published

The CoPPer project has finalised and published an evidence review idenitfying good practices in engaging volunteers and community-based organisations (CBOs) in probation services. The evidence review included a mapping of European practices of volunteering in probation and volunteering programmes, the identification of key-features of volunteering in probation and proposing an European approach to volunteering in probation. The evidence review was conducted by team members Dr. Katharina Swirak from University College Cork and Eva Egreder, now Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology, University of Innsbruck. It included a rapid review of the research literature relevant to volunteering in probation, including academic literature, relevant reports, international guidelines and grey literature.


The themes covered by the evidence include: recruitment of probation volunteers, subsequent engagement of probation volunteers, training of probation volunteers, monitoring and support of probation volunteers and rewarding probation volunteers. The evidence review also helped the CoPPer team to solidify its vision for a European approach to volunteering in European probation contexts.


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