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Keep it simple!

The training for volunteers working in Probation service was presented and discussed at the meeting in Cork.

One of the most important outcomes of our consultation in Cork was that training should not be too difficult. We should not want to turn the volunteer into a glorified probation worker, which means that we should be moderate in offering behaviour-driven content and, above all, focus on the relationship. If the relationship is good, this forms a basis for pleasant cooperation in which the volunteer stands next to the detainee and not opposite him.


With this in mind, the training has been further developed.

The basis for the training is the competency framework that was drawn up earlier.

This competency framework included all basic competencies that are powerful for working with clients.

It has a set of knowledge and skills, combined with qualities and attitude that a volunteer should have. This forms the basis for the expected behaviour that enables volunteers to carry out volunteer work at a certain level within the domain of the probation organization.


The training contains 5 modules. Thus, the first module begins with the volunteer having sufficient knowledge about the vision, roles from both the probation service and the volunteer. The judicial domain in which the volunteer works also will be highlighted. Who are the judicial partners and what is the process that a client goes through from arrest to conviction.

In addition to knowledge of the professional field, attention is paid to specific target groups, methodical working methods and human psychology.


The remaining 4 modules consist of relational skills, where the keywords are trust and cooperation.

Communication skills, how do I have a good conversation in which I listen and the conversation revolves around the other person.

What do I observe in my client's life, and how do I observe while being without judgment.

Finally, problem-solving skills will be discussed, in which all the skills mentioned above are used to allow the client to actively live his life.


In short, a challenging training that will be all-round and suitable for every target group within probation or CBO

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