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Update on WP 3 Initiative: E-learning Tools and Webinars

The Trainer's Manual is complete, marking a significant milestone as we shift our focus to developing the e-learning tool and webinars for our upcoming pilot program to create a 7-hour training day.


The next step involves translating the manual into various languages. Following translation, one of the partners will refine the text for grammar and terminology accuracy, ensuring high-quality training materials.


Furthermore, the E-learning module is also currently in active development. This tool will be available in three different languages: Romanian, English, and Dutch. Various partners are responsible for the translations, while Aproximar handles the development of the tool. We are currently at a stage where the content has been compiled, but refinements to the tool and translations are ongoing.


Subsequently, partners are in the process of developing their webinars on existing themes, incorporating practical examples without introducing new topics. The goal is to keep these webinars short and under 10 minutes each, to facilitate completion within a single 7-hour training day.


To launch the webinars successfully, partners are tasked with recruiting 25 volunteers. The pilot program is scheduled to start in September.

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Iosif Csatlos - Dima
Iosif Csatlos - Dima
Jun 20

Congratulations! I would gladly join this initiative as a Romanian volunteer.

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